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HEY! You should check this out..: Holiday Havoc: Epic Rap Battles of History-Holiday...

HEY! You should check this out..: Holiday Havoc: Epic Rap Battles of History-Holiday...: I have discussed Epic Rap Battles of History before, ERB, is a YouTube series where they take suggestions about two famous people in History...

Holiday Havoc: Epic Rap Battles of History-Holiday/Christmas Editions.

I have discussed Epic Rap Battles of History before, ERB, is a YouTube series where they take suggestions about two famous people in History, both real and fiction and match them up in Battle Raps, most of the time it is pretty good. 

Funny, and informative some of the match up have been obvious and others surprising. Today I am just going to talk about the ones that deal with the Holiday season. They did the first one in Season two, there was an Easter Bunny one but not the right holiday.

So in Season 2, Episode 12 they do Moses vs Santa Claus. Now in most of these unless they need a female or a different race usually Nice Peter or Epic Lloyd, but now and then they bring in a special guest. For this one they brought in Snoop Lion as Moses.

 The other fun part of these is you decide who wins. Give it a watch, and see what happens when the two clash.

In season three, Episode 6 we see Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge which had several guest stars as it turned into a Rap Battle version of the Scrooge story. A new take on the normal Rap Battle, and had a past, present, and future ghost rappers.

They are only a few weeks into Season 4 and as of yet have not done a Holiday rap battle. Nor does it look like they are going too for this season. Still even with only a few this is a fun series to watch and they have some fun and sometimes clever Rap Battles

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HEY! You should check this out..: 7 Favorite New Halloween Songs

HEY! You should check this out..: 7 Favorite New Halloween Songs: Be they scary, horror filled, or about Zombie, Ghosts, or Goblins. Perhaps the song itself it just about the holiday itself it will be i...

7 Favorite New Halloween Songs

Be they scary, horror filled, or about Zombie, Ghosts, or Goblins. Perhaps the song itself it just about the holiday itself it will be included. While Thriller will not as it is far from new.

While Halloween does not get the same musical love as Christmas, it does have some fun or interesting songs.

#7: This is Halloween: This is not super new, which is why it is number 7. This song set the Halloween mood almost from the moment it came out with the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Song by Halloween Town or Manson this song wants you to be scarred and also know that's just fine.

#6: We're Coming to Kill Ya: While most of the songs in the movie Dead & Breakfast could be used this one about the zombies making their final attack/stand and how the best way to prepare the humans for eating. Zacharah and the Lobos Riders sing this and most of the songs in the movie.

#5: When Your Evil: This song by Voltaire is just one of many he sings about evil or death but I feel this one fits best. It is about what you put up with or endure being evil. Though Death, Death, Evil, Evil Songs deals with facing evil but this one speaks from Evils POV. Can you feel sorry for evil? Should you?

#4: Theme from SAW: While not a song, per se this theme meant Halloween was coming, as was yet another SAW movie. It still pumps me up and seems the perfect them for anyone or anything evil coming.

#3: Halloween by Stephen Lynch: The master of songs not to sing to your kids. He goes from Special Fred to his take on Halloween. Some bad things can happen to you on this holiday. Check out his take on Halloween, he does his best to offend.

#2: RE: Your Brains: The most polite zombies, maybe ever, sing this song lead by Johnathon Coultron. They sing about letting them in to eat the brains of the people locked inside the mall. The song is fun and the zombies are very mature about it.

Honorable Mentions: There are Zombies on your Lawn(Plants vs Zombies)
Trick or Treat or Die(Barely Political)
 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Whole Murder Ballads CD

#1: New Monster Mash: Barely Political has been doing some fun, and awesome parodies over the years but this year they had Frankensteins monster do an update on The Monster Mash with current or up to date monsters like Lector and Freddy K. It is almost exactly what you would think, had you thought of it. A clever twist on an old idea.     


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HEY! You should check this out..: Fun Fun Fun Fest has TWO Indie wrestling companies...

HEY! You should check this out..: Fun Fun Fun Fest has TWO Indie wrestling companies...: While I can never make it, this year due to my brother getting married over the same three days I have mixed feelings about Fun Fun Fun fest...

Fun Fun Fun Fest has TWO Indie wrestling companies this year!

While I can never make it, this year due to my brother getting married over the same three days I have mixed feelings about Fun Fun Fun fest, as I love the idea of our great wrestling included in with great music, food, and comedy all over a great weekend.

On the other hand, while I do my best to talk about and blog and spread the word on as much Indie wrestling as I can, I have no way into FFF that way as I am not a paid blogger, just someone who takes my own time to spread the word. So I always miss out on the shows at FFF as I can't make time or most often the cash it takes to get in but I am glad to see it gaining ground.

So for this month I will miss the only show Inspire Pro is putting on, not that they will miss one fan as I hope they will gain new ones at FFF fest. Anarchy Championship wrestling will also be at fff fest again this year but they have a annual tourney outside of FFF fest with Lone Star Classic also in November.

This will be NWA Inspire Pro's first time at Fun Fun Fun Fest and I wish them the best. I am double sad that I have to miss it this year but what can you do. 

While I will not be able to write a blog on how the show goes, maybe I can still inspire others to join in the Anarchy with a review of what to expect from each company.


ACW will be putting on a show each of the three days so let's break it down day by day.

They will be running shows at 3:45 pm each day according to their website.

Friday, November 7th has five matches lined up.

Anarchy Battle Royal: According to the picture, this will have a unique mash up of wrestlers and talent. Not sure what the reward is for winning but lets look at the people involved.

Scotty Santiago: Up and comer who recently lost his tag team titles but has drive and intensity to spare. He is one to watch and even if he doesn't win, he will impress anyone watching.  He does have a score to settle with all of Dressed to Kill including...

Dillon Divine: Young, and part of Dressed to Kill his record in the ring is not super impressive but he does have that team and perhaps Tadasuke if he shows up to help him. He will also have to contend with Scotty who no doubt still wants a measure of revenge.

Killah Kash: Big and Angry, he has recently returned with a focus. While he lost his first match back he will be looking to get revenge and prove himself, beating all these foes would put him back in the game in a big way. His only distraction may be that Jack Jameson, who beat him when he returned. He may focus on getting even and that may cost him the match.

Darin Childs: While no one in the match is currently targeting Darin, he has prove time and time again that he has many more enemies then friends in ACW but also has the most time in the ring then the others in the match. He has many people targeting him outside of the match in The Swarm and that could come into play.

Chris Trew: Not a wrestler, but a crafty manager who is a master of the Eye Gouge. Plus he has some back up and while I don't see him as the winner, I do see him making a impact and perhaps costing someone the win who was not taking him seriously.

Jack Jameson: The Master of Manarchy. He is currently on a mission to take out Scot Summers who has really lit a fire under him. While Scot is not in the match, Stan "da sinner" summers is. Will Jack go after him? Will Stan attack Jack? Plus he has Killah Kash perhaps gunning for him. Plus Scot no doubt wants revenge after the October show.

Paige Turner: The only female in the match, will her brains allow her to out think her opponents? She has no real grudges in this match so nothing to really distract her which could work to her advantage. Plus you have the book of knowledge...

Kyle Hawk: The young Native American, U.S. Army trained solider is young and hungry. He has speed and some impressive high flying moves which work well against large groups like this.

Stan "Da Sinner" Summers: A man who has recently seemed to have shifting loyalties but seemed to be helping Scot at the last show. Will he go after Jameson or is he here to win the whole thing and take the next step?

ACW Tag Team Title Match: The Bad Boyz(Lil Tony/Seph A) vs The Business(Ricky Romida/Jojo Bravo) vs The Swarm vs The Hole F'N Team The Hole F'N team recently won the Tag Team titles and I couldn't be happier. They get their first chance to defend them in a hell of a match. They have a huge history with The Bad Boys and both teams know each other very well. But thrown into this mix is the veteran team of Ricky and Jojo who are very good and will be a major threat to the titles.

But the wild card is The Swarm, two of Paul London's students who we have only seen a few times and most of the people in this match have not yet faced. They are a bit of an unknown and could tip the scales in unseen ways.

Jessica James/Jeff Gant vs Angel Blue/Dick Money: While Angel Blue and The Swarm have targeted Darin Childs who hired the Business to help him at the last show, it would seem that either Darin has more friends or The Swarm is expanding out to take out anyone that has been a friend or enemy of Darin. Jessica James and the returning Jeff Gant fit both of the slots. This should be a brutal match.

Sky De Lacrimosa vs Jason Silver: Both of these men have grown since breaking up The Lost Boys in ACW. Sky has taken on varied opponents and even got a new tag partner in Killah Kash. While Jason has just recently had a feud with "Unholy" Gregory James with matches involving tables, chairs, and ladders. Even going after the belt taking on both James and Masada. These two met again after all these events. Should be an intense battle. More so in the fact it is a Taipai Deathmatch...hmmmm

"Absolute" Ricky Starks vs "Unholy" Gregory James: This will be one to watch. I hope someone updates me on this one. Both of these men are super impressive and them meeting will be a hell of  a match. Gregory James is coming off a major battle in Anarchy against both Jason Silver and Masada for the ACW Heavyweight Belt. He was not the winner that night but put up a hell of a fight. Ricky has rose fast and faced many types of opponents but never one so far into the dark side.

Saturday November 8th:

Darin Childs vs Killah Kash: Killah Kash has only just returned and already attacking the big guns. Even Kash has gotten on Social Media and said this will be fun. Kash again is trying to work his way back up the ladder and has a lot of anger to unleash on the people who step in the ring with him. Darin has some anger of his own, having been left alone by Paul London and then attacked by London, Angel Blue, and The Swarm. He may have picked Kash as his opponent as someone who could take all the damage that Childs wants to unleash.

The Hole F'N Team w/ Ricky Romita vs The Bad Boyz w/ Mystery Opponent: Unless something changes on the 7th, the Hole F'N team go into this as the Champs and team up with Ricky to take on their longest feud in The Bad Boyz who are keeping their third partner a secret, I assume in hopes that they can throw off the other team. Both of these teams know each other very well, Ricky and the Mystery Opponent will play a huge part in how this match will go.

Scotty and Steve vs The Swarm(Wade Olsen/VG Allin) vs Dressed to Kill: This should be an interesting match up. Scotty and Steve had recently lost the belts to Dressed to Kill but had beaten Dressed to Kill before that. So they both have something to prove here. Steve has momentum on his side from a recent win giving him the U30 belt. The Swarm is the unknown here with the most to prove and the ones both teams know the least about. The winner of this match will jump up and hopefully get a shot at the belts.

The Skyler Skelly Drinking Game: Dillon Divine vs Jack Jameson vs Jojo Bravo vs Jeff Gant vs Kyle Hawk vs Angel Blue: While I don't know what the move will be, with this varied group of people it should be a fun drinking game. I suppose this will be elimination and the match will be crazy, all of these people bring something to the table from high flying to Manarchy to pure crazy. A crazy match.

German Blood DeathMatch with Barb Wire wrapped ropes:Jason Silver vs Sky De Lacrimosa Round 2: For the second time at FFF fest, these two former Lost Boys go at it, this time in a German Blood Deathmatch with the added handle of barb wire being wrapped around the ropes. Not sure what condition these two will be in after their match on the 7th but I have no doubt this will be even more brutal.

Sunday November 9th

Tag Team Championship Elimination Match: The Bad Boyz vs Stan "da Sinner" Summers/Mystery Partner vs Dressed to Kill vs The Hole F'N Team: While this match is going to be affected by previous days and matches. If the belts are still on one of these teams this match would have a lot of implications down the road. Dressed to Kill still feels it was cheated out of the belts by The Hole F'N Team. The Bad Boyz, of course want to finally destroy The Hole F'N Team who just wishes they would go away. Stan has history with two of the teams here. Dressed to Kill and Stan don't know each other very well and his mystery partner could change everything, Stan has ties to people from Scot Summers to Gregory James...

The Business w/ Jessica James vs Paige Turner and The Swarm: Some strange partners here.  Chris Trew, Jojo Bravo, Ricky R, and Jessica James taking on Angel Blue, VG Allin, Wade Olsen, Dick Money, and Paige Turner. Some weird groupings and I have no idea which way this match will go. It should be crazy...

Round 3: Sky De Lacrimosa vs Jason Silver: Dog Collar Match: This will be the third time this weekend that former partners and friends, maybe even roommates at The Asylum in Dallas, Texas. After a Taipai and German Blood match. they will now be chained together via a dog collar to finish up the weekend of hopefully getting it all out. There is hatred and pity between these two and maybe this 3 day brutal beatdown will get all the anger between them out.

6 Man Elimination Tag Team Match: So team Absolute Manarchy of That Guy with Scotty, Ricky Starks, and Jack Jameson vs a very strange mash up in Killah Kash, Kyle Hawk, and Jeff Gant. Should be fun and the team ups are both unique and different. This match will put the Fun in Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Finally to end the weekend for Anarchy? A ACW Heavyweight Title match.

ACW Heavyweight Title Match: Darin Childs vs Masada: Not sure any more needs to be said. Both of these men know each other, both can be brutal and violent and both men want to be the best.          

NWA/INSPIRE PRO makes it Fun Fun Fun Fest debut.

Friday, November 7th: Starting at 1pm:

The Great Depression vs American Eagle: For the first time two of the more unique wrestlers today meet one on one. While the Great Depression has had a target on his head as of late, his matches seem to get broken up or invaded. His opponent this time is a man we have not seen since he went up against Franco D'Angelo a few months ago. Both have much to prove either to themselves, the fans, or to family. Should be a fun, perhaps brutal first match up.

Jessica James vs Delilah Doom: This is round two, in their first meeting, Jessica James had just returned from Japan and used her experience and new skills to overwhelm Doom. While Doom is full of energy and a drive and will, James showed her she had a lot to learn. So in the months since, has Doom gained the knowledge she needs to beat Jessica James?

Champion vs Champion Non Title Match: Inspire Pro Champion "Dirty" Andy Dalton vs Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Champion "Wildfire" Thomas Shire: Thomas Shire won a hard fought hell of a fight last show against Teddy Hart to become the Pure Prestige Champion. Andy Dalton has been bragging since taking the belt from Matthew Palmer. While he came up short against Icarus, it was a hell of a battle. While neither belt is on the line, bragging rights about who is the better Champion?

That ends day one for Inspire Pro.

Saturday, November 8th:

The Orphans(Zac/DG Taylor) vs Eric Shadows/Matt Riot: While the Orphans came up short last show, they have proven before how tough they are. Both teams have similar styles and this match up should be fast paced and high flying. We know Shadows and Riot are almost ninja like.  Hell Riot took down Keith Lee by himself even if it was only for a few moments. 

Loser Leaves Inspire Pro: Bradley Axel Dawson vs Just Steve O Reno: I am sad to see that the pay off to this is at Fun Fun Fun Fest as I have been watching it since the start and will miss this, both due to a wedding and just not be able to afford FFF Fest. The former team known as Hollywood Knives were on a roll but it had Steve doing all the work as Dawson kept getting "knocked out" through various means but they kept winning. Finally one day, it was too much for just Steve and he got pinned.

This caused Bradley to lose his mind and attack Steve, saying he lost the match, and that he had been carrying the team. That is the basic back story, This is the ending, Inspire Pro is not big enough for both of them so one of them leaves, the winner gets to stay and is entered into the J Crown tournament as well.

To end the second day Inspire Pro will have a big battle royal. Some of the names involved are Jojo Bravo, Cherry Ramones, Kat Green, Jordan Jensen, Andy Dalton, and the returning Davey Vega.

Sunday, November 9th:

Kat Green vs Cherry Ramones: Kat Green proves herself over and over, even when she is pinned the opponent knows they have been in a battle. She and the team from NWA All Stars battled the New Movement at the last show and now Kat is showing she is not quite finished with them, taking on the de facto leader in Cherry.

The second match of the day will be a 4 way number one contender match for the Inspire Pro Pure Prestige title.

Jordan Jensen vs Erik Shadows vs Matt Riot vs Mr. B: A strange match up. Jordan Jensen would love to have some gold around his waist, making the Nine Inch Males all golden. Erik Shadows and Matt Riot have a history of both being partners and opponents, how will a singles belt affect their newest partnership? Mr. B is out to prove that even politics can't or won't hold him back. 

"Bleeding Heart" Davey Vega vs Jojo Bravo: Both of these men are amazing in the ring. As an added bonus, they are both in the J Crown gauntlet match. The outcome of this match will affect that match. The winner of this battle gets to go into the Gauntlet match last, sadly for the loser, they have to enter first. This will be a hell of an ending to the Inspire Pro wrestling weekend.      


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HEY! You should check this out..: Chikara Pro is Coming!!!

HEY! You should check this out..: Chikara Pro is Coming!!!: Or just Chikara in some circles will be coming from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Austin, Texas in October. The 5th to be exact to team up o...

Chikara Pro is Coming!!!

Or just Chikara in some circles will be coming from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Austin, Texas in October. The 5th to be exact to team up or crossover with Austin's very own NWA/Inspire Pro wrestling.

The company was founded in 2002 by wrestlers Mike Quackenbush(who has been in Texas before) and Reckless Youth. Quackenbush has also been an active performer in the company as well, they have several known tournaments such as the King of Trios and Young Lions Cup.

It is influenced by lucha libra and many of the people have masks and/or use unique gimmicks. They blend wrestling and comedy in many cases and have a loyal fan base, some Texas wrestlers have been there such as ACH and Jojo Bravo. St. Louis wrestlers who wrestler in Texas such as the Submission Squad have been invited a few times.

It all started as a wrestling school called Wrestle Factory and after 5 months it grew into Chikara. The first show was May 25th, 2002 and starred not only students and trainers but several other indie wrestlers including Don Montoya, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Love Bug, Marshal Law, and Blind Rage.

As time went on they had former WCW star La Parka show up and even a sister promotion called Kiryoku Pro which focused on female wrestlers and even had a lawsuit filed against them saying the building they were doing the shows in was not properly zoned and they had to leave finally due to parking restrictions.

Trainers have included Chris Hero, Jorge "Skayde" Riveda, and Claudio Castagnoli and have teamed with CZW for training for awhile. They made a deal with Dragon Gate USA in 2009 to have Chikara stars in Dragon Gate.  May 2, 2014 they found a new developer for their video game Rudo Resurrection and even have a web comic.

The current Grand Champion is Icarus and The Colony is a major stable. Both of them will be in Texas.

Just a little history for people who may not know. Texas is growing and this is a major step.

 The Colony vs The Young Bucks

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HEY! You should check this out..: Follow a Dream, all the way to Somewhere or is it ...

HEY! You should check this out..: Follow a Dream, all the way to Somewhere or is it ...: So recently Shana Hammaker decided to not go the route of being traditional published and keep to self publishing giving her more control an...

Follow a Dream, all the way to Somewhere or is it Nowhere?

So recently Shana Hammaker decided to not go the route of being traditional published and keep to self publishing giving her more control and less bullshit to go through with finding the right publisher, doing a perfect query letter(which are pure crap by the way) and going out of her way to really promote and push this.

I hope this small thing I can do helps in some way, using wrestling as an example as I normally do we go, we watch, we follow and help in some small way to follow the dreams of the people who wrestle and even work behind the scenes.

Eamon is doing what he loves with Inspire, Stroud now, not only writes about wrestling but is part of a company and bullied by wrestlers. They all worked hard to get there but they all had people support them. Hell people still support them and others. 

This is Shana's dream. I hope she gets the same respect from people and they see all the work she is putting into this, her first full novel.  I hope.

So first things, first for this novel she had created several twitter and facebook accounts and if you would do a simple and easy thing and follow them or join them it would be a huge deal for her and takes next to nothing from her friends and followers. Talking about it to others would be great too but following is a start..

First off, the whole fictional town and the people have a blog! Follow it for updates and to get to know the people before the book.  

What is going on in Somewhere? 

That is the link to the blog, follow it. Read it and let her know what you think and what you would like to see talked about?

Also YOU can become a Friend of Somewhere! Be Our Friend!

The town of Somewhere has its own newspaper and what better place to turn to to find out more about the town and what is going on...Fern is the main reporter so keep up with her facebook page here:

Fern's Facebook 

Hi, I am Fern
But what about TWITTER!?? I know your asking, well there Shana HERSELF keeps you updated on the ROY G BIV Highway and other smaller things like Actify and Hope.  What is Actify? How does it tie into hope? Find out here...


On another note, Follow Shana is always a treat, she will use twitter is so many more ways, sometimes about issues she feels strongly about, other times just as a way to type WHATEVER crosses her mind, almost stream of conscious like...So even if your only a bit curious about Somewhere, there is way more there.

All that said, she does have previous books, both short fiction stories and even TWO memoirs that talk about her life on the streets and part of what lead to that. You can buy them on her Amazon page and keep the page marked for the upcoming book that we are pushing here.


I can say that reading her stuff made me want to meet her and I am very glad I did. Buying her stuff helps her of course but also it gives you a good read and she has several types of stories so hopefully there is something for you there.

Now your asking, say I buy the Memoirs and I enjoy them or even if I hate them but want to see if she is doing better or worse? How do I find out?  Well, I have the answer for you. She has a  BLOG! She is a writer people, I hope you saw that coming.

So go here: What is Shana up to these days? to get her full thoughts and what she is doing now.

As are her stories and books!

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HEY! You should check this out..: Dis Raps For Hire

HEY! You should check this out..: Dis Raps For Hire: I am a reader, and a movie collector/watcher, and to a lesser extent a fan of YouTube, with what it has now, Black Nerd Comedy, Epic Rap ...

Dis Raps For Hire

I am a reader, and a movie collector/watcher, and to a lesser extent a fan of YouTube, with what it has now, Black Nerd Comedy, Epic Rap Battles of History, Death Battle to name a few, and I have or will cover most of these at some point or another but today I am here about Dis Raps For Hire.

The idea is fairly simple, EpicLLOYD is one half of the main duo who works on Epic Rap Battles of History. He also does several things over on his channel. Epic Lloyds Youtube but the one I enjoy the most of  his is Dis Raps.  He gets tweets or letters or Facebook posts about some shitty stuff or crappy behavior and just unloads on the people who treated the other person wrong. So far its only 2 seasons and its VERY inconsistant with long breaks just between episodes.

Starting towards the end of Season one and most of season two he has tried to give it some twists, keep it fresh, guests such as a member of the Wu Tang Clan and fellow Youtuber  Zach to help out in one of the dis raps.

He covers a wide range of topics from a whole school with piss poor attitudes to a rich kid whose money and daddy keep him out of trouble, even when he buys a girl away from a fellow classmate.  Even more serious topics like a women who cheated on her man while he was overseas fighting and took their kid and left to a guy really trying to get his life on track and a shitty landlord.

Some are of course better then others but overall they are all at least fun. Seeing people who did crappy things to others getting some comeuppance is always nice.

Here are a few of my favorites for Season One:

"EpicLloyd, I was a combat medic during the Iraq war. I married my highschool sweetheart before I deployed. While I was gone, she moved a fat dude with no job and a kid into my house with her while I unwittingly financially supported both of them. I actually found out about it from her sister when Jennifer (my ex wife) stole several thousand dollars from my bank account and disappeared. She ended up showing up at her family's house with this guy for Thanksgiving."


"Hi Mr Lloyd

My name is Simon, I live in the UK and work for a large
international bank. Thats my background.

This is - my bro, Jim (James), hasn't had a job for like 10 years.
Ever since he quit his job he's been leeching off of me. Rent,
taxes, bills - you name it. He doesn't even try to find a job or
claim job seekers allowance or any benefits.

If it were anyone else they would have got kicked out long ago,
but alas he's my twin brother with nowhere else to go. So it's
hard for me.

I'm not on massive wages, really quite the opposite. I barely
scrape by yet he doesn't give a shit and if I moan, we fight.

I'm that depressed - diss the fuck out of him, hopefully he'll
change his ways.

Cheers dude. I'm a huge fan."


Every day for the last two years of my high school life ive had to put up with
Three guys (Tyrance, William, Reshad) making fun of the way I walk because
i Have to wear leg braces. They are all 19 have screwed up teeth with braces.
Tyrance still sleeps with his older sister bc he's afraid. Reshad claims he shaves his head but he's bald. As for Will. He'll cry when he gets a paper cut
And claim hes the greatest rapper that ever lived. He sucks...... Please LLyod
Help me out.


No copy of the letter in this one, though they are all in the video. The basic idea is this guy has gone to rehab, gotten clean, found a job, a place to live and gotten his daughter back, worked through alot of stuff and his landlord does not like him and/or his lifestyle. She wants to kick him out.

There are 10 episodes to season one, the last one is a twist on the whole Dis raps.


This season so far only has four episodes. I enjoy 2, 3, and 4.

"hey epic lloyd,

man i just cant. my little cousin derik has had 3 best friends he made in 6h grade till now. they have all been best friends (Derik, Sammy, Jason and Ramone). Derik just told his three best friends that he was gay. when he did sammy was totally cool with it and was happy to know that he was comfortable telling her. Jason and Ramone pushed him and called him faggot and buttlover. 2 of his best friends are now his biggest bullies and it sucks!

please epic lloyd destroy these guys!"
Nick Diforte

This one, while I enjoy it just pisses me off EVERYTIME, I know this stuff happens but man its pissy and shallow.

Dear EpicLloyd,

My name is Jonas, I have these 4 guys in my class (nelson, mark, steven and lucas) who are the worst freaking bullies man. They like to pick on me for being Dislexic.
They force me to read these ungodly large words that they now i can't say just to mock me and if i don't read them they beat me up or stuff me into lockers. I tried talking to them to make them stop but they ended up breaking my wrist. I tried everything to get them off my back. I just want to feel like at least someone cares. Please destroy


 Dear Lloyd,

I would love to see you dis this guy who started messaging me online maybe a year ago. He has the exact same name as I do, and without introduction came out saying, "U fukin pussy u make my name look bad". And I have no idea who this guy is, but he sure thinks he's cool taking fake gangster pictures of himself in the bathroom. He called me pussy lips, a bitch and even congratulated me for being "twat of the week", how nice of him. Please show this wannabe cyber bully to step off."

- EthanAlways

He does several others throughout. Its fun seeing him take on several different kinds of insults and disses.  You can buy all the songs on ITUNES.

Check him out:
Lloyd's youtube page 


Saturday, April 19, 2014


8940 Research Blvd, Suite 100

There are many, MANY places and things to do in Austin, Texas. Today I am talking about one right before Burnett road off 183 north, right after in a u-turn on 183 south. It has some old video games such as Popeye and BattleToads but mostly old and newer Pinball machines. You can play them and in most cases even buy them to own in your very own home. See what else they have to offer

It also has games you can win tickets on to trade in for prizes of course.  Playing many of the old pinball games is the true fun, for me anyway. Its a good time, doesn't cost too much and is a fun way to kill some time. I wish I owned a pinball machine, some of them are not overly pricey but still out of my range at this time.

They have Doctor Who(new and old) T2, Jurassic Park, and some
really old pinball games from what look to be the 1970's. They do have a few modern games as well but overall the name of the place is Pinballz and that's what you get when you go.

They have Simpsons, , Many old school ones, Twilight Zone, Both classic and Next Gen Star Trek, Street Fighter, Gimmick pinball machines and many MANY others. 

They also have a Time Warp Wednesday and Pinballz after Dark, 18 and up Friday and Saturday nights. So check them out, they do have a cafe, Nikki's Replay Cafe to grab a bite to eat if your there for awhile. Oh plus Zoltor, so be careful what you wish for....Give them a call 512-420-8458

Calling a cab to leave