Saturday, April 19, 2014


8940 Research Blvd, Suite 100

There are many, MANY places and things to do in Austin, Texas. Today I am talking about one right before Burnett road off 183 north, right after in a u-turn on 183 south. It has some old video games such as Popeye and BattleToads but mostly old and newer Pinball machines. You can play them and in most cases even buy them to own in your very own home. See what else they have to offer

It also has games you can win tickets on to trade in for prizes of course.  Playing many of the old pinball games is the true fun, for me anyway. Its a good time, doesn't cost too much and is a fun way to kill some time. I wish I owned a pinball machine, some of them are not overly pricey but still out of my range at this time.

They have Doctor Who(new and old) T2, Jurassic Park, and some
really old pinball games from what look to be the 1970's. They do have a few modern games as well but overall the name of the place is Pinballz and that's what you get when you go.

They have Simpsons, , Many old school ones, Twilight Zone, Both classic and Next Gen Star Trek, Street Fighter, Gimmick pinball machines and many MANY others. 

They also have a Time Warp Wednesday and Pinballz after Dark, 18 and up Friday and Saturday nights. So check them out, they do have a cafe, Nikki's Replay Cafe to grab a bite to eat if your there for awhile. Oh plus Zoltor, so be careful what you wish for....Give them a call 512-420-8458

Calling a cab to leave