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HEY! You should check this out..: Dis Raps For Hire

HEY! You should check this out..: Dis Raps For Hire: I am a reader, and a movie collector/watcher, and to a lesser extent a fan of YouTube, with what it has now, Black Nerd Comedy, Epic Rap ...

Dis Raps For Hire

I am a reader, and a movie collector/watcher, and to a lesser extent a fan of YouTube, with what it has now, Black Nerd Comedy, Epic Rap Battles of History, Death Battle to name a few, and I have or will cover most of these at some point or another but today I am here about Dis Raps For Hire.

The idea is fairly simple, EpicLLOYD is one half of the main duo who works on Epic Rap Battles of History. He also does several things over on his channel. Epic Lloyds Youtube but the one I enjoy the most of  his is Dis Raps.  He gets tweets or letters or Facebook posts about some shitty stuff or crappy behavior and just unloads on the people who treated the other person wrong. So far its only 2 seasons and its VERY inconsistant with long breaks just between episodes.

Starting towards the end of Season one and most of season two he has tried to give it some twists, keep it fresh, guests such as a member of the Wu Tang Clan and fellow Youtuber  Zach to help out in one of the dis raps.

He covers a wide range of topics from a whole school with piss poor attitudes to a rich kid whose money and daddy keep him out of trouble, even when he buys a girl away from a fellow classmate.  Even more serious topics like a women who cheated on her man while he was overseas fighting and took their kid and left to a guy really trying to get his life on track and a shitty landlord.

Some are of course better then others but overall they are all at least fun. Seeing people who did crappy things to others getting some comeuppance is always nice.

Here are a few of my favorites for Season One:

"EpicLloyd, I was a combat medic during the Iraq war. I married my highschool sweetheart before I deployed. While I was gone, she moved a fat dude with no job and a kid into my house with her while I unwittingly financially supported both of them. I actually found out about it from her sister when Jennifer (my ex wife) stole several thousand dollars from my bank account and disappeared. She ended up showing up at her family's house with this guy for Thanksgiving."


"Hi Mr Lloyd

My name is Simon, I live in the UK and work for a large
international bank. Thats my background.

This is - my bro, Jim (James), hasn't had a job for like 10 years.
Ever since he quit his job he's been leeching off of me. Rent,
taxes, bills - you name it. He doesn't even try to find a job or
claim job seekers allowance or any benefits.

If it were anyone else they would have got kicked out long ago,
but alas he's my twin brother with nowhere else to go. So it's
hard for me.

I'm not on massive wages, really quite the opposite. I barely
scrape by yet he doesn't give a shit and if I moan, we fight.

I'm that depressed - diss the fuck out of him, hopefully he'll
change his ways.

Cheers dude. I'm a huge fan."


Every day for the last two years of my high school life ive had to put up with
Three guys (Tyrance, William, Reshad) making fun of the way I walk because
i Have to wear leg braces. They are all 19 have screwed up teeth with braces.
Tyrance still sleeps with his older sister bc he's afraid. Reshad claims he shaves his head but he's bald. As for Will. He'll cry when he gets a paper cut
And claim hes the greatest rapper that ever lived. He sucks...... Please LLyod
Help me out.


No copy of the letter in this one, though they are all in the video. The basic idea is this guy has gone to rehab, gotten clean, found a job, a place to live and gotten his daughter back, worked through alot of stuff and his landlord does not like him and/or his lifestyle. She wants to kick him out.

There are 10 episodes to season one, the last one is a twist on the whole Dis raps.


This season so far only has four episodes. I enjoy 2, 3, and 4.

"hey epic lloyd,

man i just cant. my little cousin derik has had 3 best friends he made in 6h grade till now. they have all been best friends (Derik, Sammy, Jason and Ramone). Derik just told his three best friends that he was gay. when he did sammy was totally cool with it and was happy to know that he was comfortable telling her. Jason and Ramone pushed him and called him faggot and buttlover. 2 of his best friends are now his biggest bullies and it sucks!

please epic lloyd destroy these guys!"
Nick Diforte

This one, while I enjoy it just pisses me off EVERYTIME, I know this stuff happens but man its pissy and shallow.

Dear EpicLloyd,

My name is Jonas, I have these 4 guys in my class (nelson, mark, steven and lucas) who are the worst freaking bullies man. They like to pick on me for being Dislexic.
They force me to read these ungodly large words that they now i can't say just to mock me and if i don't read them they beat me up or stuff me into lockers. I tried talking to them to make them stop but they ended up breaking my wrist. I tried everything to get them off my back. I just want to feel like at least someone cares. Please destroy


 Dear Lloyd,

I would love to see you dis this guy who started messaging me online maybe a year ago. He has the exact same name as I do, and without introduction came out saying, "U fukin pussy u make my name look bad". And I have no idea who this guy is, but he sure thinks he's cool taking fake gangster pictures of himself in the bathroom. He called me pussy lips, a bitch and even congratulated me for being "twat of the week", how nice of him. Please show this wannabe cyber bully to step off."

- EthanAlways

He does several others throughout. Its fun seeing him take on several different kinds of insults and disses.  You can buy all the songs on ITUNES.

Check him out:
Lloyd's youtube page