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HEY! You should check this out..: #BrokeandHungryATX: The Hideout Pub

HEY! You should check this out..: #BrokeandHungryATX: The Hideout Pub: So a new month and a new place to visit : The @LITERARYGRRRL and I had visited a Mexican food restaurant last time in Fonda San Miguel ( ...

#BrokeandHungryATX: The Hideout Pub

So a new month and a new place to visit: The @LITERARYGRRRL and I had visited a Mexican food restaurant last time in Fonda San Miguel (Broke and Hungry at Fonda San Miguel)

This time around we went in a whole other way, in a pub that was more bar than restaurant but was still fun. Another change this time around was only the drinks were on sale for happy hour, no deals on the appetizers or food.

The place was fun and was aimed on keeping all kinds of different folks there and drinking and eating. First up a quick overview, the parking lot is kind of a mess, some construction or something going on around the lot, though the parking is ample and there are two entrances/exits.

Inside there is a bar in two parts, it starts to the left of the door and goes around to about halfway, then a opening to allow bartenders and/or waitstaff in. Then the bar starts again sitting 15 all told, I think. Behind the bar are three flat screen TV's. At the time we were there, the middle one was showing Jeopardy, the two on either end were connected and showed movies, they had a menu with several selections. One movie was ending and as it was the 2nd they started Groundhog Day which was fun.

There was a much bigger TV in the eating area, a projection screen really which had sports on as did one of the other TVs in the eating area. There was a TV behind us that was put on Jeopardy after a customer asked for it to be. A 4th TV was on news or sports. If you take a right after entering, which we did as we didn't know you had to go around a small wall, you go into a dart game area with two dartboards.

For other entertainment, as it is a pub, there is a bar game, one of the kind with lots of games on it from poker to candy crush type games. They have a photo booth, a big buck hunting game, a golf game, and finally a jukebox.  The TV near the door to the porch area I discovered was on for the first time as some, I assume, regulars said it was usually off. It did have a patio, as I mentioned, but we didn't go out there, though it seemed fairly large. I played the big buck hunting game for one round, fun but too many animals you can't kill in front of the ones your supposed to kill.

The place is a decent size and had some room.
It seemed to be mostly regulars, I guessed most of the people that were there were regulars, a hard 80 percent or more. Two of the groups that were there had computers so I don't know if they had Internet at the place, I didn't try and check. Shana(@literarygrrrl) checked out the jukebox and said it had a wide selection but she will talk more about that in her review.

Now on to the drinks and food, we both started with a well whiskey and coke, then a trio appetizer that was chips with Queso, Ranch, and Salsa, that you could add Guac to as well for a small extra fee so we did. The cups of each were not very big but the queso was okay.
All the Food!

I was hungry so I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with Mayo only and fries. While the fries were good, the burger was WAY better than I expected it to be. It was a very good burger and on a not normal bun but it worked for this. I was surprised at how well it was, but like I said it and the app were full price still overall the final cost was not bad. The well whiskey and coke was just okay, on the strong side but just barely but either the whiskey was not a great one or they use pepsi or a knock off coke or both.

Overall I wouldn't mind going back, as the food was good and they seem like a laid back place with different types from Sports to Jeopardy to movies on the TV and while I was not impressed with the mixed drink I can stick to beer or try something else next time. It had lots to keep you busy and has a welcoming feel, the bartender said hello and the waitress was friendly and outgoing, checking on us and several tables to make sure everyone was good. She was the only waitress, I don't know if more come in as it gets later or if they stick with one but she did a good job. Again I didn't visit the restrooms, something I need to start doing but Shana did she what she has to say about that and MUCH more!

I would return if given the choice so take that as you will, I liked it better than our first restaurant. Give it a try, you make like it as well.

Give them a chance 12164 N. Mo Pac Expy Austin, Texas 78758 512-821-9093 


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#BrokeandHungryATX: Fonda San Miguel

Ah, a New Year and thus a new idea was formed. Shana(@Literarygrrrl) and Myself thought it would be fun to visit restaurants during their happy hours and see what you could get for a certain amount.  We chose 45.00 for two people, and happy hour for the drink and appetizer specials, we wanted to see if you could get full and be satisfied with your drinks for under that amount.

We may later branch out to non happy hours and see what we can do. Of the 45 dollars, 5 is set aside as the minimum tip, so we eat and drink on 40 bucks. Shana picked the place this time, based on some of her customers at her job suggesting it.  It is called Fonda San Miguel I couldn't find anything on its history or story so I will be mostly sticking to thoughts and feelings on this one.

It is on a small corner, we even missed the first entrance and had to go down a side road. The Happy Hour was on Tuesday from 5 on I think, I don't know if that is everyday or just Tuesday, the website says the bar and cocktail opens at 5 pm. When we arrived they had complimentary valet parking but we parked ourselves and while it was not a big parking lot we found a close space, once inside we were asked if we wanted happy hour or dining. We chose happy hour which allows you to choose where you sit.

The dining room looked nice but pretty empty at the time we went, a little after 5 pm. For happy hour you could sit at any table near the door or in the bar area or the bar itself. The decor was fun and had lots of things and paintings and drawings to catch your eye and some stuff to make you look twice as you missed small details. There was a birdcage with a bird in it nearby. While it was not very busy when we arrived it picked up pretty well, I think as people got out of work?  Not fully sure but it seemed an unusual amount of the people there knew each other, not sure if they are all regulars that see each other a lot there or just a weird night when they all showed up.

We looked over the menu and made our choices, the house margaritas were 5 bucks we were told but I think they came out to 4.95 instead. All appetizers were half off,  which is good as even the appetizers were 10 to 13 dollars at regular price. We each got a house margarita and then the queso and chicken quesdilla, which came with 3 of them. The queso was pretty big and had lots of stuff in it. It was the thick, thick kind that you almost had to cut with a knife.

I have to admit a bias here, I prefer Tex-Mex over all: Jardin Corona, Serrano's, La Fiesta to places like this. So this was not my favorite place and as a start I am glad Shana liked it more than me. The chicken quesadilla were pretty good if a bit small but the queso was not of the type I enjoy, I prefer queso you can scoop with a chip, some spices are fine but I am a simple man and prefer cheese, maybe some meat, everything else on the side. So overall the food was okay for me. I wouldn't pay the full price but if you enjoy more authentic Mexican food, this may be your place but without the half off, it could get expensive so be careful and plan.

We each ordered a house margarita which while it was fairly strong, it was bland. That may not matter to some people but I want to mention it, if you are looking for any flavor at all, avoid this but strong enough at 4.95 to be worth it if you were drinking to get buzzed only and not to try new things or drink things that taste good.  It was a normal size, we both did it frozen so I am not sure if on the rocks are worse or better, still for the price it was fine, just bland.

The waiter was fine, a bit aloof, Shana felt him a bit snooty, but everything we ordered was right and brought quickly. Not much checking up on us, I don't know if that is normal and they try to leave you alone as much as possible or just something they do for the "cheap" folks that eat at happy hours.

The decor was fun, and full of crazy things and pictures. Some walls were painted in random patterns and colors, other times you could see plants or cats in the wall paint. It was all low light and subtle in the lighting. Not a bad place, the lighting keeps it quiet and intimate but the art and walls give it a feel of fun and keep you awake and alert to off set the lighting.

So overall, what was my final thought?

Not bad, if you enjoy true Mexican food, or just like going to upper middle class places where you can see and be seen then this is for you. I won't lie, not my type of place but good for them for finding the niche and filling it. The drink was strong enough if not overall flavorful but that matters less to some people then just getting drunk or buzzed. The chicken was good but not the greatest but I prefered it over the queso.

Though we had 40.00 to spend, we spent 23.50 on the food and just used the 5.00 tip as the tip. So overall we spent 28.50 on our first outing. Two "dishes" and one drink a piece not including the water and chips that they bring. Not a bad start money wise.

But get a second opinion and different thoughts from Shana: Literarygrrrl goes broke and hungry

I love watching Happy Hour

2330 W North Loop Blvd
Austin, Texas 78756
(512) 459-4121

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HEY! You should check this out..: 31 Days of Halloween: Crazy and Cool Costumes

HEY! You should check this out..: 31 Days of Halloween: Crazy and Cool Costumes: Just to change it up a bit, I took costumes I have seen people post and just cool or weird ones from around the net and put some of my favor...

31 Days of Halloween: Crazy and Cool Costumes

Just to change it up a bit, I took costumes I have seen people post and just cool or weird ones from around the net and put some of my favorites on here as a fun little blog. Hope you enjoy it.

Anarchy Wyatt's


Chika five nights at Freddy's

Chucky, the pre school years

Caught him


Edward Safety Scissorhands

Not a fan of Lion King

Dunkin Donuts

Well Dressed Bear
Add caption

Can you catch her?

Spice Girls

Just wow...whew..

Show me the world



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