Sunday, February 21, 2016

#BrokeandHungryATX: The Hideout Pub

So a new month and a new place to visit: The @LITERARYGRRRL and I had visited a Mexican food restaurant last time in Fonda San Miguel (Broke and Hungry at Fonda San Miguel)

This time around we went in a whole other way, in a pub that was more bar than restaurant but was still fun. Another change this time around was only the drinks were on sale for happy hour, no deals on the appetizers or food.

The place was fun and was aimed on keeping all kinds of different folks there and drinking and eating. First up a quick overview, the parking lot is kind of a mess, some construction or something going on around the lot, though the parking is ample and there are two entrances/exits.

Inside there is a bar in two parts, it starts to the left of the door and goes around to about halfway, then a opening to allow bartenders and/or waitstaff in. Then the bar starts again sitting 15 all told, I think. Behind the bar are three flat screen TV's. At the time we were there, the middle one was showing Jeopardy, the two on either end were connected and showed movies, they had a menu with several selections. One movie was ending and as it was the 2nd they started Groundhog Day which was fun.

There was a much bigger TV in the eating area, a projection screen really which had sports on as did one of the other TVs in the eating area. There was a TV behind us that was put on Jeopardy after a customer asked for it to be. A 4th TV was on news or sports. If you take a right after entering, which we did as we didn't know you had to go around a small wall, you go into a dart game area with two dartboards.

For other entertainment, as it is a pub, there is a bar game, one of the kind with lots of games on it from poker to candy crush type games. They have a photo booth, a big buck hunting game, a golf game, and finally a jukebox.  The TV near the door to the porch area I discovered was on for the first time as some, I assume, regulars said it was usually off. It did have a patio, as I mentioned, but we didn't go out there, though it seemed fairly large. I played the big buck hunting game for one round, fun but too many animals you can't kill in front of the ones your supposed to kill.

The place is a decent size and had some room.
It seemed to be mostly regulars, I guessed most of the people that were there were regulars, a hard 80 percent or more. Two of the groups that were there had computers so I don't know if they had Internet at the place, I didn't try and check. Shana(@literarygrrrl) checked out the jukebox and said it had a wide selection but she will talk more about that in her review.

Now on to the drinks and food, we both started with a well whiskey and coke, then a trio appetizer that was chips with Queso, Ranch, and Salsa, that you could add Guac to as well for a small extra fee so we did. The cups of each were not very big but the queso was okay.
All the Food!

I was hungry so I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with Mayo only and fries. While the fries were good, the burger was WAY better than I expected it to be. It was a very good burger and on a not normal bun but it worked for this. I was surprised at how well it was, but like I said it and the app were full price still overall the final cost was not bad. The well whiskey and coke was just okay, on the strong side but just barely but either the whiskey was not a great one or they use pepsi or a knock off coke or both.

Overall I wouldn't mind going back, as the food was good and they seem like a laid back place with different types from Sports to Jeopardy to movies on the TV and while I was not impressed with the mixed drink I can stick to beer or try something else next time. It had lots to keep you busy and has a welcoming feel, the bartender said hello and the waitress was friendly and outgoing, checking on us and several tables to make sure everyone was good. She was the only waitress, I don't know if more come in as it gets later or if they stick with one but she did a good job. Again I didn't visit the restrooms, something I need to start doing but Shana did she what she has to say about that and MUCH more!

I would return if given the choice so take that as you will, I liked it better than our first restaurant. Give it a try, you make like it as well.

Give them a chance 12164 N. Mo Pac Expy Austin, Texas 78758 512-821-9093 


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